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Are you anxious about giving birth? Do you and your partner have the calm and educated support that you need? 

A birth coach can help you have the best birth possible 

 Tacoma birth doula & placenta encapsulation 

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Guiding families to have fully informed, and supported birth experiences

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Have a more comfortable birth using birth-hypnosis

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Help support your mood, energy and milk production by having your placenta encapsulated

What Clients Are Saying

Cawnawyn - "I am so grateful that Keigha was my doula for my first birth. Leading up to the big day, she was so supportive and encouraging and helped me feel confident things would go well. Most of my labor took place at home and she was by my side throughout all of it; using her essential oils and calming presence to help me through the sensations as it became more intense. She was also an enormous help to my husband, who was reassured by her confidence and grounded demeanor. When it finally came time to push at the birth center, I had incredibly painful back labor in the tub and was not sure I could withstand the pain. Keigha’s intuitive words were honestly what refocused my mind and she knew just what to say to help me deliver my baby smoothly. We are so grateful to her for helping us have a successful water birth for our child, and for everything she has done to support our family." 

Jennia -"You could not ask for someone kinder or more compassionate than Keigha. She does more than listen to the doctor and the nurse and their medical jargon that often goes over the patient's head. Instead, she gently informs you of what is happening every step of the way and seems to have an innate ability to sense what you need most at every moment. She never shows any signs of stress or discomfort, truly making sure that YOU are taken care of, both physically and emotionally, during what can be a difficult experience. I cannot recommend her enough as the one to choose to have by you during the birthing process." 

Holly - "My husband and I were lucky enough to have Keigha with us for the delivery of our son. Keigha has an incredibly calming presence and listens to what is needed. She was with me from the start and helped guide my husband through each stage of delivery with helpful advice and support. She was a valuable set of extra helping hands. Her support brought magic to the incredible moment of bringing our son into the world. Keigha is well-versed in Hypno-birthing and has attended multiple births in addition to her training. We recommend her to anyone looking for a supportive birth experience."